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International Recognition

Kudisai craftsmen were chosen to collaborate with a trio of world famous artists: Zandra Rhodes and Andrew Logan from England and Rajeev Sethi from India.

This team together with Kudisai created the Earth Banquet portion of the Basic Needs Pavilion at EXPO 2000 Hannover. What the team created was a harmony of cutting-edge, innovative designs of Western artists with age-old artistry of the Indian Sub-continent.

“The products of our collaboration – the carved chairs and screen, tent, cutlery, pottery etc. – turned out splendidly”. This effort highlighted “……a unique and uniquely successful collaboration between an internationally noted designer and the extraordinary work of the traditional artisans of India”. Zandra Rhodes 

“The products the Kudisai has produced in the past are of extraordinary technical refinement and exceptional artistic delivery”. Rajeev Sethi

Picture Gallery - EXPO 2000 Hannover

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