A Suggestive Solution to Regain India’s Glory

Ancient Glories of Bharatham

  • Bharatham (India) is a country with diversified languages, cultures, and lifestyles. In the past, our nation (Rishi Bharatham) was known for its uniqueness in spreading spiritual awareness and introducing extraordinary innovations that benefitted humanity and environment. 
  • Ancient people (rishis) of Bharatham were keen to live their life in sync with nature and almighty (the ultimate source that drives the functioning of entire universe). They led a simple and spiritual (but not religious/ritualistic) life. 
  • As being spiritual requires one to possess good physical/mental health, rishis also involved in work to take care of their basic life necessities such as air, food, and shelter. 
  • Rishis exhibited selfless dedication & love in whatever they thought/spoke/performed. They enjoyed doing their work (similar to playing a game). This blossomed their innovative sense and thereby led to the formation of different streams of arts* & crafts (64 aaya kalaigal), in line with the basic life necessities.
  • The output of their work became a masterpiece with elegance and charisma, which gave soulful joy & peace to those who viewed/used them.

* In Thamizh, ‘Kalaigal’ means ‘kalaivadhu kalai’ – It means that any action will elapse by the passage of time. ‘Kalaigal’ is translated as ‘Art’ in English.

An art, according to us, is the result of any action done through energetic, enthusiastic, and pure inner force filled with serenity.

An art’s physical form may change as per the interaction of our soul with the different periods of time (yuga), but the core purpose of such action will be the same.

All these actions or forces will eventually merge with the serenity/almighty and this process is called as ‘Yoga’.

Such an art may have potential to create ripple effect & rhythmic flow among the masses, and it enables purity & unity among them.

This could possibly be the reason why ancient rishis of Bharatham led a detached mind to materialistic things, but acted for the betterment of humanity and ecology for that period. But at the same time, they did not enforce their perceptions & beliefs on anyone.

Present Condition of Bharatham and its Impact

  • We (current generation) lost our instinctive ability to connect with nature and almighty (serene energetic force of all). 
  • Instead of doing work to attain the goal (connect with almighty/nature while fulfilling our basic necessities), we started focusing only on human-made materials (money/technology). For example, our current generation of students pursue any course with the primary intent of earning money (material) and raise to an influential society status (power to rule by any means). They rarely aspire to invent any product, which benefits self/society/environment. So in this process, we forgot the basic rule ‘Kaariya Kaarana Thathuva’ or ‘Karma Bhalan Thathuva’ or ‘To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.
  • This materialistic-oriented goal develops immense self-ego, insecure feeling, and other negative emotions. This is the core reason why we could not find peace, even after being blessed with the basic life necessities. 
  • When our mind aims to attain only the materials, it loses its ability to connect with nature/almighty. Neither will it have interest or passion towards instinctive arts.
  • For the sake of getting wealth/power, when we are forced to do a work that does not suit our inherent talent, then we no more enjoy our work. This leads to decrease in our innovative sense and therefore the art skill within us also vanishes. The result of such work will be a normal output and we will be filled with frustration & dissatisfied feelings of doing mechanical work. 
  • With such collective feelings, our nation is finding it difficult to invent products that create a ripple and positive impact on self/society/environment.
  • This destructive, suicidal process is equivalent to unknowingly cutting the tree that withhold us. That means we are polluting the whole planet through these actions and this may vanish the whole life on earth including humanity.

A Suggestive Solution to Regain Ancient Glory

Can our nation manage to overcome all these barriers and regain its lost glory? Especially with the current globalization trends and exponential focus on economic growth as the primary purpose of life. Well, we do accept that globalization and money are essential to sustain in this modern age. However, we must also make humble attempts to regain our touch with nature and almighty. Along this objective, a lot of attempts are being made by our government and social welfare organizations. 

We have a humble feeling that our nation can regain its ancient glories by ‘realizing our self by going back to nature’ and understanding nature’s strengths. To lead a blissful life in sync with nature, it is pertinent to reorient our life priorities and promote activities that provide pure air, quality food, and peaceful shelter. This calls for the need to revive the ancient ways of life and science (64 aaya kalaigal), with the primary focus on agriculture, cooking, and architecture in tune with nature.

2 thoughts on “A Suggestive Solution to Regain India’s Glory”

  1. Let the One and Only Almighty bless all of us in this endeavour. Individual has to start practicing this and set an example for others to emulate. So it starts from us.

    Such postings are very much the need of the hour. We are missing the path of Our Guide, these posting will help us to refocus once again in our travel forward.

  2. It is said, the solution to a problem is to realise there is one, and to understand the problem and analysing it. And it is skdo said that the solution to the problem in the problem itself.
    The major difference between ancient period., even 60 years back is ancient in this context, and present times is the disintegration of social values. A person’s rights were considered as subservient to community’s rights. This could have been happening at a slow pace from the time colonial and post-colonial invaders came only to loot – material outlook. But in recent times, the transmutation of society to place individual rights as supreme, has led to fall in social values. Instead of all of us recognizing each one as a unit of society, the individualistic pursuit of material wealth, as given rise to extreme greed, ego and power to control all, which is the goal of everyone, leading to the turbulent times.
    Indian history is filled with instances of treachery, corruption and treading which has robbed us. The right lesson if learnt, can help in bringing back a society that realises need for community to live in harmony, and bringing back the right path to live a life one with nature, where each has space, but at the same time give space to others. That’s the oath to Peace and Prosperity.- the time of India what it was Bharath.

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