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Products of Our Arts & Crafts Initiative


Embedded in our unique products are the ancestral knowledge, as defined in ancient manuscripts, the supreme skills and devotion of village artisans, and the meticulous choice of materials and processes.

Our products include:

  • Ancestral Period and Modern Furniture and Ornamental Doors

  • Decorative Wall Panels, Metal Sculptures, and Portraits in Relief Style

Currently, we pursue the following disciplines:

  • Traditional Carpentry, Wood Carving, and Wood Inlay

  • Metal Casting

  • Etching and Embossing on Brass, Copper, and Silver Sheets

  • Granite, Marble, Sand stone, and Stucco Work

  • Terracotta and Ceramics

  • Clay Modeling and Sculpting

  • Art Work in Glass in Combination with Wood, Granite, and Marble (For glass, the actual production takes place under the supervision of the Chief Designer of Kudisai)

  • Interior Decorations

Papanaasam Kudisai Trust
Kizha Ambur PO, Ambasamudram (via), Thirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu 627 418, India
E-mail: papanaasamkudisai@gmail.com

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