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M.G. Radhakrishnan, INDIA TODAY, May 29, 2000

“Old and Beautiful

Reviving traditional art and craft is a sadhu’s spiritual passion…”

Anna Mathews, THE HINDU, June 16, 2000

“The artistry is unique to the region and patience and concentration are the key operatives for the artisans, working to produce the intricately-carved ornamental doors, pillars or showpieces…”

Kaumudi Marathe, INSIDE OUTSIDE, January 1998

“One would have to search far and wide to discover more painstakingly well-done work. The Ashram could not have done its job of teaching quality better…”

INDIAN EXPRESS, August 18, 1989

“The works exhibited here reveal the absolute ease and lightness of touch with which the artisans conjure up intricate patterns…”

Vimla Patil

“For here, in this little known village, sanyasins (monks) have discovered fantastic old manuscripts written in the ancient Tamil language, which give detailed instructions on sciences and arts of bygone ages…”


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