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Why Papanaasam Kudisai was Formed?


Papanaasam Kudisai, with a sincere prayer, attempts to provide an enabling platform to revive ancient glories of living a blissful life, in sync with nature and almighty. The following paragraphs explain the primary intent to form Kudisai.

Current Scenarios in Earth

In recent years, due to tremendous advancements in modern science and technologies, the world has developed significantly in various fields such as medicine, agriculture, transportation, education, and national security. As an individual’s personal requirements have increased, the demand for producing new products has also increased in multiple folds. Considering the exponential growth of human population, we need to accept the fact that these modern developments in science and technology are essential, to meet the growing requirements of people. However, to attain these advancements, we have chosen to sacrifice the existence of nature and planet. Here is how:

  • Forests are destroyed, to lay roads and convert into human inhabitable areas

  • Canals are dug, to facilitate water transportation

  • Bore wells are dug and dams are built, to store water for our irrigation needs

  • Multi-storied buildings are constructed, to provide accommodation for large population

  • Factories are built, to produce new products for our growing demands

  • Coal and other fuels have been taken by digging the fertile land

  • More than all, destructive weapons are made and distributed across the globe, in the name of ensuring human security

Thus, having paid much attention to safeguard our welfare, we choose to degrade nature’s resources, without worrying about the negative impact on environment and us. Instead of taking care of earth as our mother, we started treating it as a granted resource, which can be exploited without any limitations. As a result, seasonal rainfall fails, atmosphere is polluted, ground water level has been decreasing significantly—all these result in Global Warming.

Root Cause for Humans’ Deeds Against Nature

Being depressed with human actions against the nature, our Path Maker tried identifying solutions to recover from these deeds, with a prayer. He also searched for the root cause that led to humans’ deeds against the nature and the reasons that made them to be selfish souls. Our Path Maker revealed the following information, as the core reason for humans’ shift from being enlightened souls to selfish souls.

Origin of First Human Race and Root Language

Scientists believe that ancient humans evolved in regions around South Africa. Our Path Maker was informed that evolution of life on earth began much before that—a highly-civilized human race lived in a continent called Kumari Kandam. Years passed by and due to severe natural calamities, Kumari Kandam was broken into several lands that were dispersed as continents. People who survived those natural calamities continued to live in the newly-formed continents. In a way, people in the modern world are descendants of the Kumari Kandam human race. In Kumari Kandam, only one language was used to speak and write—it is ‘Tamil’. Our Path Maker was also revealed about the origin of first ever human beings in the planet. They lived even before Tamilians existed in Kumari Kandam. It is believed that this early human race resided around Pothigai Hills in present day Tamil Nadu. They were able to communicate without any external languages such as Tamil. They interacted with each other, animals, and environment through soul-driven conversations and instincts. Humans who lived during that period lived a complete Yogic life, in tune with nature and almighty.

When humans started their deeds against nature?

At one point of time during that period, the human race underwent a spiritual error in their sixth sense. Due to that mistake, their mind broke and it lead to all imbalances; they became selfish and started hiding from each other in guilty feeling. From that moment, each individual became a split personality within himself or herself. To hide their emotions and body, they used leaves, animal skins, and other clothes. There was degradation in their instincts and soul-based communications. As a result, they discovered a physical language, instead of a soul-based language. Thus, the root language 'Tamil' was formed. Later Sanskrit and other languages were discovered. Starting from that period till this moment, humans have been unconsciously altering the nature and other external resources, to get relieved from their root depression, due to their past spiritual error. Our deeds against the nature not only bring harmful impacts to the planet, but also to us!

Will human beings recover?

Through several spiritual revelations, our Path Maker was informed that (by almighty’s grace) humans will automatically recover from their mistakes, correct themselves, and turn as enlightened souls who will take care for self, society, and environment. As a humble initiative to pass this cheerful message to all human beings and to set up an enabling platform to facilitate this change, we have formed Papanaasam Kudisai. In the past, great men and women have dedicated their lives for attempts, to initiate the civilizational chronometer of this planet. At Papanaasam Kudisai, we have taken another such experiment with a humble prayer. Here is another vision and we invite you to participate in this proposed sociological experiment!


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